Canan Yolaç Stamboul


About Us

Fashion changes, style is what lasts... As well as being complementary pieces of style, jewelry also gives important clues about our personalities. Each piece of jewelry I design is a storyteller. They should become as much a part of our daily lives as they are the main role of special occasions. Because every moment of our lives is special. I designed this brand because I decided that jewelry is not only a part of our style, but it is also important to leave an impression. Because we are all valuable. We like to be noticed by people and to be authentic. Sometimes all we need is to remember our own value, our own skills. This was one of the most important reasons why I set out on this path and why I blended the designs in my collection with iconic symbols, each with their own meaning. Like life, colors are a combination of harmony and contrast. Colors have messages for people and are of great importance in our communication. It adds flavor and motivation to our lives. When I was designing my collection, I couldn't do without including colors in this world. We women pay a lot of attention to men's choice of jewelry. The brooches and cufflinks they choose give us important information about them. In this collection, I wanted to appeal to men as well as women. Life is a carnival with all its colors, music and emotions. Mystery, the first collection of the brand, emphasizes the infinite love, power and magnificence you have. Each piece of this special collection is like a mysterious key... Each one is handcrafted for you in the traditional texture of the mysterious city of Istanbul. I am excited to meet everyone who is on the path towards love, who is always eager to discover themselves, who enjoys life, who loves to pamper themselves and their loved ones, and who loves to give unique gifts. Remember, you are magnificent. You are the star of this carnival... And shining is what suits you best!

Canan Yolac